Step-by-Step Walking Program

Step-by-step Support Group Challenge

The American Parkinson Disease Association-Wisconsin Chapter is issuing a challenge to all Parkinson support groups in Wisconsin to “get fit” by taking part in the Step-by-Step Support Group Challenge kick off on August 30th in conjunction with the Optimism Walk at Warner Park.

Prove that your group is the most motivated to “move it” to fight PD. The challenge is simple.  Here at the steps:

1. Sell the idea

Research shows that exercise such as walking slows or reduces the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.  It improves motor function and balance. It improves mood and sleep. It benefits quality of life. Show other Parkinson’s support groups that your group is the fittest.

2. Choose a facilitator

A facilitator is the local coordinator and the biggest cheerleader.  The facilitator will:

  • receive materials and training from APDA-WI Chapter
  • sign up participants
  • present a PowerPoint presentation and discuss folder information
  • explain entering step totals in the log
  • demo how to use the pedometer
  • lead the weekly walk
  • set up the recognition luncheon sponsored by the APDA
  • be the liaison between the APDA and the support group team

3. Kickoff Meeting

At this orientation meeting, the support group will choose a team name. The facilitator will distribute the pedometers and demonstrate their use. Participants will practice. A PowerPoint presentation will be shown reviewing the information provided in the folder. It will include walking tips, appropriate footwear, stretching, and how to record the data.

Participants in this 10 week program, may walk on their own or join the weekly group walks. Once per week participants will forward their weekly average steps the facilitator. They will record everyone’s data and submit weekly to the APD A.  We encourage taking photos to publish in our newsletter.

4 . Recognition Luncheon

At the completion of the 10 week program, teams completing the challenge will receive a recognition luncheon for the participant and a guest. The team with the biggest increase in steps will be the challenge winner. They will be featured on the front cover page of our newsletter and on the website. All teams will be honored with photos in the newsletter.

Interested in getting involved? Call Jordan Mooney at (608) 345-7938 email at 

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