Lovable Loaners Program

Lovable Loaners Program

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What is it?

It’s an opportunity for Parkinson(ism) patients in Hampton Roads to test Assisted Daily Living (ADL) devices for a minute, or up to one month. Most are unique and some are covered by Medicare, but most are not.

What’s the deal?

Through donations made to APDA-HR, we are slowly purchasing items that you may wish to own, but due to the cost, would like to test first. The item you “check out” will offer the information on where to buy, and expected charges, should it prove helpful.

How do I get it?

Call our office at (757) 495-3062 or email us at apdavirginia@apdaparkinson.org to schedule an appointment.

The office is located at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Assisted Living at 4560 Princess Anne Rd in the Kempsville section of Virginia Beach. The item can be returned any Wednesday or Friday by scheduling a time with the office for drop-offs (Telephone 757 495 3062). The item needs to be returned no later than the first Wednesday of the next month, without prior notification.

Am I eligible?

Anyone who experiences symptoms of Parkinson(ism) Disease, within the Hampton Roads community is eligible. Physical therapists and physicians also have access.

With your continued support, we will be of ongoing assistance to the growing PD community.