Lending Library

Books & Videos

The following books and videos are available for loan.  Call 802-847-3366 for information.

Books (alphabetical by author)

  • The Fearless Caregiver, by Gary Bargby
  • The Comfort of Home, by Maria Meyer and Paula Derr
  • Parkinson’s Disease, A Guide for Patient and Family, by Roger C. Duvoisin, MD
  • Parkinson’s Disease, Questions and Answers, by Robert Hauser and Theresa Zasiewicz
  • Can I Tell You About Parkinson’s Disease, A guide for family, friends and carers, by Alan Hultquist
  • Caring for the Parkinsonian Patient, by J. Thomas Hutton and Raye Lynne Dippel
  • I’ll Take Care of You – A Practical Guide for Family Caregivers, by Joseph Ilardo, PhD, LCSW and Carole R. Rothman, PhD
  • Parkinson’s Disease, A Self Help Guide, by Marjan Jahanshahi, MD and C. David Marsden, MD
  • Shaking Up Parkinson Disease, by Abraham Lieberman, MD
  • The Caregivers Book, by James E. Miller
  • The Resourceful Caregiver, National Family Caregiver’s Association
  • Caregiver Survival Series, by James R. Sherman
  • A Caregivers Survival Guide, by Kay Marshall Strom
  • Parkinson’s Disease, A Complete Guide for Patients and Families, by William J. Weiner, MD, Lisa M. Shulman, MD, and Anthony E. Lang, MD
  • Caregiving, The Spiritual Journey of Love, Loss, and Renewal, by Beth Witrogen McLeod
  • Delay the Disease-Excercise and Parkinson’s Disease, David Zid


  • Living Well With Parkinson’s Disease
  • PLLUS There’s Exercise!
  • Sit and Be Fit for Parkinson’s (exercise tape)
  • 60 Minutes video on DBS/PDTaoist Tai Chi for Parkinson’s
  • Tremor Control Therapy (from Medtronic about DBS)
  • The Faces of Parkinson’s Disease