PEP Meetings

Parkinson Education Programs (PEP) are education events hosted throughout the year by the APDA – Greater St. Louis Chapter. We invite renowned speakers to address topics that are important to the Parkinson’s community. Admission is free. Links to archived PEP talks are available below.

Upcoming PEP Events

Check back soon for 2020 dates!

Archived PEP Events

PEP Meeting- Deep Brain Stimulation Panel
November 3, 2019 

PEP Meeting- Johanna Hartlein, Nurse Practitioner: Gotta Go Right Now! and Can’t Go At All
August 4, 2019

PEP Meeting- Dr. David Carr and Sylvia NissenboimShould Ms. Daisy Be Driving? and How To Talk About The Hard Stuff With Your Family Member
August 26, 2018

Midwest Parkinson Congress- Multiple speakers: Midwest Parkinson Congress
October 27, 2017

PEP Meeting- Dr. Heather Zwickey: Nutrition and its Impact on Parkinson Disease
April 23, 2017

PEP Meeting- Dr. Joel Perlmutter: Ask the Doctor
November 6, 2016

Family Conference- Dr. Paul Short: Family Matters
April 24, 2016

PEP Meeting- Dr. Scott Norris, Dr. Mwiza Ushe, Dr. Brent Wright: Tools in the Toolbox- A Panel Discussion on DBS & Duopa
April 3, 2016

PEP Meeting- Dr. Joel S. Perlmutter: Fireside Chat with Dr. Perlmutter- A Q&A Session
November 15, 2015

PEP Meeting- Dr. Mohamed N. Hassan: Managing Parksinson Disease- Living Well with PD                                                                                                                                                    
April 19, 2015

PEP Meeting- Dr. Joel S. Perlmutter: What’s in the Parkinson Pipeline? The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!  
November 2, 2014

Family Conference- Dr. Paul Short: Your Face is Familiar- Do I Know You? 
October 26, 2014