Exercise Challenge

2019 Exercise Challenge

Congratulations to the winner of the Exercise Challenge, Margie Silverblatt!

This FUN fitness challenge helped encourage people with Parkinson disease to explore exercise options, meet new people and develop goals to stay healthy and independent. Participants completed one or more of the following six challenges during the month of March. For every challenge completed, they were entered to win a fabulous gift basket. The more challenges completed, the more times their name was entered in the drawing!

CHALLENGE 1 – Attend 3 APDA exercise classes in the same week (click here to view our exercise class schedule).
CHALLENGE 2 – Attend an APDA exercise class that you’ve never been to before.
CHALLENGE 3 – Participate in an APDA exercise class at home (click here to view our live stream schedule and access classes archived on our YouTube channel).
CHALLENGE 4 – Return to an APDA exercise class that you have been absent from for at least six months.
CHALLENGE 5 – Bring a friend who has PD to join you at an exercise class that he/she has never attended.
CHALLENGE 6 – Visit the APDA Resource Center and ask Tricia Creel, PT to design one customized exercise just for you.
BONUS – Complete all 6 challenges to have your name entered in the drawing an extra time!

Questions? Call Tricia Creel, Program Coordinator, at 636.778.3377