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Power Over Parkinson’s

The second documentary in the Power Over Parkinson’s series explores new approaches aimed at decreasing the impact of Parkinson’s disease symptoms and improving the lives of people with Parkinson’s. The documentary covers the potential benefits of complementary treatments that address both mind and body. Several people from the Greater St. Louis chapter are featured.

This documentary in the Power Over Parkinson’s series introduces viewers to researchers and people with Parkinson disease who share their message about the power of exercise to positively impact the symptoms of Parkinson’s. The 30-minute program includes stories from former NBA star Brian Grant and Washington University researcher Gammon Earhart, among others, about the improvements found when people with PD engage in exercise. The documentary features people participating in several of the APDA- Greater St. Louis exercise programs.

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The Parkinson Journey

This DVD was funded by the Fraternal Order of Eagles and produced by the APDA. It provides information about Parkinson disease including common symptoms, treatments, and causes, as well as personal storires about living with PD.
Introduction with Joe Buck
Chapter 1 – What is Parkinson Disease
Chapter 2 – What Causes Parkinson Disease
Chapter 3 – Changes in Mood and Thinking
Chapter 4 – Treatment Options
Chapter 5 – Managing Symptoms
Chapter 6 – Living with Parkinson Disease-Personal Journeys
Chapter 7 – Finding Out More (resources)
Bonus Feature 1 – Parkinsonisms – “Look Alikes” (Dr. Joel Perlmutter)
Bonus Feature 2 – Helping with Falls (Dr. Beth Crowner)
Bonus Feature 3 – LSVT Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (Dr. Cynthia Fox)
Bonus Feature 4 – Caring for a Nursing Home Resident with Parkinson Disease

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Parkinson’s Disease: A Guide for Patients and Families

DVD produced by the American Academy of Neurology featuring Michael J. Fox, Dr. Stanley Faun (Director of the Center for Parkinson’s Disease and other Movements Disorders at Columbia University), and Dr. Kathleen Shannon (Professor of Neurology – Rush University Medical Center).


This short film, which won the World Parkinson Congress Video Competition in 2013, features a father with young onset PD explaining Parkinson’s to his children through a poetry.

Robin Morgan (featured on TED)