Brain Donation

Over the years we’ve had a number of people interested in brain donation to further research into Parkinson disease. Below are steps to take if you are interested in donating your brain to Washington University in St. Louis. Please note that you may only donate your brain to Washington University if you have been followed by the Movement Disorder Center there. If you have any questions, please contact Enid McIntosh at 314.362.6026.

Here are the steps for brain donation:

  1. Tell your family that you want to donate your brain so that everyone is on the same page at the time of death.
  2. Complete a brain donation form through Washington University in St. Louis. You can obtain the form from Enid McIntosh, 314.362.6026.
  3. At the time of death, call the exchange at 314.388.6138 and ask to speak to your movement disorder doctor.
  4. If you have signed a consent form, the arrangement can be made quickly, with the phone call at the time of death.

If you have not signed a brain donation form, your family can still call the exchange and they can obtain permission from the family over the phone.

Brain donation is an amazing gift that moves forward our understanding of Parkinson disease; there is no greater gift.  Together, we continue the fight against Parkinson disease.