PEP Meetings

DVDs of all archived PEP talks below are also available. Please contact our office here.


August and November 2018- Topics TBD


PEP Meeting- Multiple speakers: Midwest Parkinson Congress
October 27, 2017

PEP Meeting- Dr. Heather Zwickey: Nutrition and its Impact on Parkinson Disease
April 23, 2017

PEP Meeting- Dr. Joel Perlmutter: Ask the Doctor
November 6, 2016

Family Conference- Dr. Paul Short: Family Matters
April 24, 2016

PEP Meeting- Dr. Scott Norris, Dr. Mwiza Ushe, Dr. Brent Wright: Tools in the Toolbox- A Panel Discussion on DBS & Duopa
April 3, 2016

PEP Meeting- Dr. Joel S. Perlmutter: Fireside Chat with Dr. Perlmutter- A Q&A Session
November 15, 2015

PEP Meeting- Dr. Mohamed N. Hassan: Managing Parksinson Disease- Living Well with PD                                                                                                                                                    
April 19, 2015

PEP Meeting- Dr. Joel S. Perlmutter: What’s in the Parkinson Pipeline? The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!  
November 2, 2014

Family Conference- Dr. Paul Short: Your Face is Familiar- Do I Know You? 
October 26, 2014

PEP Meeting – Dr. Larry Elmer: Living Well with PD – Understanding Parkinson’s Disease
April 25,  2014

PEP Meeting – Brent Peterson & Drs. Pratap Chand (SLU), Terry Rolan (MU) and Mwiza Ushe (WUSM): Deep Brain Stimulation Panel of Experts 
February 2,  2014

PEP Meeting – Dr. Joel Perlmutter: Why I Am Optimistic and Hopeful – Looking Forward
November 17, 2013

PEP Meeting – Dr. Kevin Black: Who Are You and What Have You Done With My Spouse/Caregiver?
April 13, 2013

PEP Meeting – Dr. Joel S. Perlmutter: Where We Are Now and Where Are We Going?
November 18, 2012

PEP Meeting – Dr. Bill Langston: What’s New, What’s Now, What’s Next; Susan Imke, RN, MS: Family Caregiving: Choices & Challenges; Pamela Quinn: Coping Strategies for Specific Symptoms: Practical & Unusual Tips on How to Manage a Variety of PD Symptoms
November 12, 2011

PEP Meeting – Cognitive and Other Neuropsychiatric Features in Lewy Body Disorders
April 30, 2011

PEP Meeting – Dr. Joel Perlmutter: Parkinson’s Disease: What’s New?
November 15, 2009

PEP Meeting – Kevin Lockette, PT: Move It!
August 23, 2009

PEP Meeting – Dr. Joseph Friedman: Coping With PD
July 26, 2009

Lawrence Elmer, MD: Non Motor Aspects of Parkinson’s Disease Including Cognitive Issues
May 22, 2009

Dr. Lee Tempel, David Zid & Jackie Russell: Delay the Disease- The Important Role Exercise Plays in Parkinson’s Disease
July 13, 2008

Dr. Samer Tabbal: Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)
April 6, 2008

Dr. Joel Perlmutter: What’s Hot & What’s Not  
November 11, 2007

Dr. Michelle Burack: Cognitive Aspects of Parkinson Disease and Related Disorders
July 8, 2007

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