Midwest Parkinson Congress

The Midwest Parkinson Congress is an educational Event with esteemed industry professionals discussing the latest information, as well as a resource fair, all to help you live your best life.

The 2022 Midwest Parkinson Congress was held on April 7th. Watch the video of Keynote Speaker, Tim Hague, Sr.; Movement Specialist, Dr. Joel Perlmutter’s on current research; and the Breakout Session: To Drive or Not to Drive, by Peggy Barco and Gabrielle Blenden.


2021 Midwest Parkinson Congress – April 8 & 9, 2021

Day 1

  1. Heather Kennedy|Kathleen Kiddo – Courageous Parkinsons, Dr. Joel Perlmutter – The Latest in PD Research, Johanna Hartlein – Speak Up! How to talk to your healthcare team
  2. Stephanie Martinez – Estate Planning Basics

Day 2

  1. Michael Mercury – Depression and Anxiety in PD, Tiffany Turner – Voice and Swallowing Muscle, Dr. Lynda Nwaboubi – State of PD Care in African Americans with PD
  2. Dr. Kevin Klos – Common Myths & Misconceptions that may sidetrack caregiving

2020 Midwest Parkinson Congress – August 13 & 14, 2020

  1. Day 1
  2. Day 2

2019 Midwest Parkinson Congress – March 14, 2019

  1. Bob Cunningham – Assistive Technology for PD
  2. Johanna Hartlein – The Ins and Outs of PD Medication
  3. Dr. Rebecca Gilbert- Not Your Grandmother’s Disease: What Does Being Diagnosed with PD Mean Today?
  4. Dr. Meghan Campbell- Cognitive Decline with Parkinson’s Disease
  5. Dr. Joel Perlmutter- Defining Dystonia and Treatment
  6. Christine Alsop, JD- Planning for the Future
  7. Dr. Brad Racette- Understanding the Mysteries of PD One Terabyte at a Time

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