Mental Exercise

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy

Cognitive Stimulation Research Study

A group course that involves enjoyable activities that promote thinking, memory, and communication skills geared for individuals with cognitive impairments. Research has shown that CST has improved cognition and quality of life for those with dementia.

Mental Exercise: Activities from the Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) Program

Activity 9: Differences and Similarities

How can you group each of the images down below in each set. Think about the differences and similarities. Can you find more than one association between them?  Write down your categories or print out the images and create physical groups!

Activity 8: Sports










1) Do you like to watch sports? Why or why not?
2) How do you think sports have changed throughout the years?
3) Did you play any sports in your childhood?
a. What is a memory of playing a sport in your past?
Answers: 1) Basketball, 2) Soccer, 3) Tennis, 4) Boxing, 5) Baseball, 6) Football, 7) Hockey, 8) Golf, 9) Bowling

Activity 7: Synonyms

1. What strategies did you use to complete this activity?
2. Which terms were easier for you to think of words with the same meaning?
a. Why do you think that?
3. Set a timer for 60 seconds and try this activity with new words. Did you think of more or less words?

Activity 6: Music Memory
May 22, 1965 Beatles’ “Ticket To Ride” single hits #1!

Listen to the song and discuss the questions below:
1. Did you enjoy listening to the Beatles? If so, what did you like about them?
2. What are your favorite songs from the Beatles?
3. Do these songs bring back any specific memories?
4. Why do you think the Beatles were so famous?

Activity 5: Categorizing

Directions: Categorize the pictures into one or two groups. Answer the following discussion questions with a friend or family member.

Discuss reasons for your answers and see how many differences, similarities and connections you can think of between the items in each series.
What strategies did you use to complete the activity?
Was it easier to categorize the words or the photos?
Why do you think that?
How do we categorize or group objects in our everyday life?
Clues on how to categorize: color, pattern, location

Activity 4: Fashion Trends

Discuss the fashion trends from each decade
What fashion trends have stayed and what trends have faded out?
How has women’s fashion changed over the years?
How has men’s fashion changed over the years?
Did you wear any of the fashion trends shown above? Why or why not?

Activity 3: Toys

1. Did you play with these toys as a child?
2. If yes, who did you participate with?
3. Which toys or games were your favorite? Why?
4. you think children nowadays play with toys like these?
5. Describe what children play with now. How have toys changed since you were a child?

Activity 2: Vacations

1. What are some activities you could do in each of these places if you traveled there?
2. Which destination would you want to travel to and why?
3. Where have you traveled to in the past?
a. Who was with you?
b. What type of transportation did you use to get to that destination?
4. How has your interest in vacationing changed since you were younger?

Activity 1: On This Day

1. $2368 in today’s money is not a lot for a sports car. How have car prices changed since 1964?
2. How much do you think a 1964 Ford Mustang would cost in 2020?
3. Why do you think the Ford Mustang was so iconic?
4. Do you like cars? If so, what types and why?