Chapter Information

Board of Directors


Judith Simon, Comprehensive Center for Brain Health


Gary Dalin, Pharmacist


Jillian Castellano, Your Life of PBC Director

Board Members:

Benjamin Greenberg, Esq, Greenberg Elder Law Services
Debi Gudema, Nonprofit Consultant
Amy Adaniel, Respiratory Therapist at Bright Star Care
Janelle Johnson, PT, MPT, Mind, and Mobility
Dwanne Clayton, MSW, RCSWI, CDP, Palm Beach Neuroscience
Shenetria Moore, VITAS Healthcare
Matthew Green, Esq, President at Life Care of Florida, LLC

Medical Advisory Committee

Henry P. Moore, MD,
Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology Director of Movement Disorders

George Dumenigo
Social Worker, UM Medical School

Honorary Medical Advisor

Arif Dalvi, MD, MBA
Palm Beach Neuroscience Institute


APDA South Florida Contact Information

PO Box 61420
Staten Island, NY 10306