Virtual Event Login Simple Instructions & personalized assistance

Let us assist you with attending virtual events!

During these uncertain times, COVID-19 has caused us to become very creative to stay in touch with all of you with Parkinson’s disease and those care partners!  Because of that, we know that technology can be challenging and are offering you personalized assistance .

Are you interested in participating in online events but are just concerned that the process is too overwhelming?  This is the space for you!  We give you the step-by-step instructions you need to be able to join us for our regular online events during these challenging times.  Check out the simple steps below to learn how to jump in on our meetings and participate.

If you would prefer individualized assistance, please email us at or contact our office at 918-747-3747 for assistance.  We will be happy to help.


iPhone / iPad
Instructions to Downloading the App & Logging in
(All images are below) 

1) Go to App Store.
2) Click on Search. (lower right) (Image 1)
3) Type in “Zoom” and click “GET” or the cloud + arrow picture. (Image 2)
4) Launch Zoom (click on the Zoom icon) and click “Join a Meeting”. (Image 3)
5) Enter Meeting ID and click “Join”. (You must hit Join in order to access the meeting.) (Image 4)
Image 1                                              Image 2
Image 3                                                    Image 4


Desktop / Laptop Computer (Running Microsoft Windows)
Instructions to Downloading the App & Logging in

1) Open your internet browser (Google or Chrome) and go to . (Image 1)
2) Click on Join a Meeting. (Image 1)
3) Enter Meeting ID. (Image 2)
4) It will prompt you to Download and Install Zoom (click Yes or OK)
5) Double click Zoom.exe (installer) on the lower left. (Image 3)
6) Enter your name and click “Join Meeting”. (Image 5)  Enter Meeting ID and click “Join”.
7) After the first time and once Zoom is installed on your computer you can just click the link to the meeting link for your individual meeting, enter your name and click “Join”.
8) Or You can also just click the Start Button and enter Zoom in the search Window and then click it to begin Zoom and enter the Meeting ID.
Image 1                                                                                         Image 2
Image 3                                                                                          Image 4
Image 5                                                                                           Image 6

Image 7