Create Joy Series

Create and be joyful this summer!

Join us for a series of workshops designed to spark joy and creativity. Try something new or revisit a previous passion while you enjoy the documented benefits of improved mood and better quality of life.

Thursdays at 10:30am PT starting July 8

All workshops presented on Zoom, registration is required, space is limited.

Registration form is below the workshop descriptions.

July 8  Parkinson’s Pantomime — WATCH WORKSHOP VIDEO

Link your cognitive, physical, and emotional domains with intentional motion in this one hour creative movement workshop.

Join mime – pantomime, extraordinaire Tim Lundquist in this interactive narration/demonstration to move, think, and express yourself.

  • Learn basic mime technique.
  • Exercise your face, unmask masking.
  • Express ideas with movement.
  • Improvise, play in the moment.

Everyone is welcome. Seated, and on-your-feet modifications.  Have a sturdy simple armless chair. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

July 15  Laughter Yoga

Laughter yoga is a unique practice that combines unconditional laughter with yogic breathing (Pranayama). Expect to move, stretch, play, embrace your inner child and finish with a guided “Laughter Meditation” & Yoga Nidra (progressive body relaxation.) Many experience a deep emotional catharsis, joyfulness and release that lasts for days!

If the word “yoga” scares you, don’t worry it’s totally NOT yoga…we aren’t laughing in downward dog or anything.  No need for yoga mats, yoga pants, yoga anything!  It’s called Laughter Yoga due to the breathing exercises, but for the most part its just being a goofball with strangers in a very mindful way!

Physical and Mental Health benefits include:

  • Boost immune & circulatory system
  • Relax muscles throughout the body
  • Trigger the release of endorphins (the body’s natural pain killers)
  • Ease digestion, balance blood pressure, enhance oxygen intake
  • You may also find an improved mood, overall attitude and general sense of well-being!

Want to see an example? Find out about Laughter Yoga HERE.

Join as you are! No Yoga Mat needed.

July 22  Invisible Beauties ~ A poetry class

Use poetry to bring the beauty inside you to light.  In this class we will use simple poetic elements and phrases as a way of expressing our deepest truths – our strengths, difficulties, confusions, hopes and the hidden beauty inside each of us.

Join Vicky Edmonds, poet & teacher, who has been sharing the art and practice of writing as a means of bringing us closer to ourselves for more than 30 years.

For beginners as well as experienced writers. All you need is paper and pen.

July 29  Improv & Imagination with Taproot Theater

Improv is all about saying, YES, to whatever happens IN THE MOMENT guaranteeing laughter, fun and inspired creativity. Prepare for an hour of creative adventure and imagination with Taproot Theatre’s professional actors on Zoom. Z-Improv with Taproot is sure to delight while inspiring new friendships and social connections.

Supplies needed: A willingness to laugh, play and imagine

Aug 5 Parkinson’s Puppetry

Explore physicality with puppets. A puppet is a symbol for the human spirit and sometimes expresses itself through movement, dance, and pantomime. Learn how to make simple newsprint and masking tape puppet figures that you can bring to life with your own hands!

Rob D’Arc, the “Puppeteer with Parkinson’s” has been studying movement and creating puppets for 40 years. You will not only make a puppet, but he will teach you to break down movement and recreate it in the puppet.

See a video about Rob D’Arc HERE

Supply list: A roll of masking tape, A newspaper (several pieces of newsprint)

Aug 12 Connecting through Art

Relax and play with watercolors! The APDA Connecting Through Art program was filmed in collaboration with the Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill, NY. Museum Art Educator, Wendy Gottlieb, will guide participants through a step-by-step watercolor painting activity with a special lesson about Fairfield Porter, a figurative painter who created paintings of interior and exterior landscapes around his home in Southampton, NY and Maine.

Emily Stordahl, an Art Therapist who herself is living with PD will be your live facilitator for this workshop. Join us to learn new skills, use the creative side of your brain, exercise fine motor skill muscles, socialize, relax and have fun being creative.

Supply list: basic watercolor set, brushes, and paper. SEE FLYER for more specific information.

Thank you Swedish for financially supporting the Create Joy Series!