Take Control Series

APDA Take Control Series

Parkinson’s disease is a complex disorder with new challenges to face as the disease progresses.  The more educated a patient and family becomes the more they are able to Take Control of their disease.  Experts in the field will educate and prepare you to recognize these challenges and learn how to manage them with practical tools and greater knowledge so that you can live life to the fullest.

The program will take place every other month ON LINE via the Zoom platform.
Each session will be approximately one hour – a 40 minute presentation followed by Q & A from the audience.
The sessions will also be recorded for later viewing on the APDA Northwest YouTube Channel.

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Friday, September 24, 2021 at 10:30am PT

Palliative Care in Parkinson’s disease: Providing patient-centered care, support, and symptom management

Join us for a panel discussion with a team from the Palliative Care program at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle about the power of palliative care involvement in Parkinson’s disease.


  • Dr. Christopher Flynn, D.O.: Board-certified Palliative Care Physician
  • Rev. Lorraine E. Leist, MDiv, BCC-PCHAC: Board-certified Chaplain
  • Joan Luster,  MSW: Palliative care Social Worker


Palliative care is specialized medical care for people living with a serious illness. This type of care is focused on providing relief from the symptoms and stress of the illness. The goal is to improve quality of life for both the patient and the family. Please join us to hear about how palliative care can help in the care of people living with Parkinson Disease (PD).  We will explore how palliative care teams can assist with:

  • Providing a diagnosis and prognosis with compassion
  • Discussion goals of care
  • Managing complex physical symptoms
  • Providing caregiver support
  • Addressing social, emotional, and spiritual well-being


Friday, November 19, 2021 at 1:00pm PT

Brain AND Brawn: Combining Cognitive Training with Exercise.

You hear it all the time (we hope!) “Exercise is a critical component in the treatment of PD.” But did you know that it is not just good for your body but also good for your brain – specifically your cognition?  Come learn the latest research behind exercise and cognitive changes, understand how your balance is affected and experience some examples of cognitive training with exercise.

Dr. Nate Coomer, founder of the Parkinson’s Fitness Project and the Daily Dose.

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Past Programs

Past Recordings of these programs can be found on our YouTube Channel

Innovations In Deep Brain Stimulation – a panel discussion
Dr. Delaram Safarpour, Dr. Kim Burchiel, Shannon Anderson, and Diane Hutchins
Oregon Health Sciences University

Dementia, Cognition & PD
Dr. Nancy Isenberg, Medical Director of the Center for Healthy Aging
Swedish Neurosciences

Neglected Clinic Topics
Dr. Laurie K. Mischley, Naturopathic Physician and Researcher
Seattle Integrative Medicine & Bastyr University

Avoiding Apathy in COVID Times: 4 Tips to Keep You Motivated and Moving in the Pandemic
Dr. Nate Coomer, Physical Therapist
The Parkinson’s Fitness Project

Sleep & Fatigue in Parkinson’s disease
Dr. Rebecca Gilbert, Movement Disorder Neurologist & Chief Scientific Officer
American Parkinson Disease Association

The Impact of PD on Vision
Dr. Steven Hamilton  Neuro-Ophthalmologist
Swedish Medical Center

The 5 W’s (Who…What…Where…When…Why) of Home Care and Home Health
Shawn D’Amelio, President, Washington Home Care Association
With A Little Help

Case Studies from the Exam Room
Dr. Pravin Khemani, Movement Disorders Neurologist
Swedish Medical Center

Mind Over Parkinsons
Dr. Patrick Hogan, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
Puget Sound Neurology

Unlock the Healing Power of Food
Wilma Shaw, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition
Embrace Nutrition

The Gut Biome & PD
Dr. Kelly Condefer, Movement Disorders Neurologist
Confluence Health

Aging in Place Safely
Jay Berger, Physical Therapist

What a Pain! Understanding and Treating Pain in Parkinson’s disease
Dr. Pravin Khemani, Movement Disorders Neurologist
Swedish Medical Center

Cognitive Changes in PD and What to Do About Them. 
Dr. Reza Ghomi, Neuropsychiatrist
Evergreen Medical Center

What’s the Link? Cognitive Training & Exercise
Dr. Nate Coomer, Physical Therapist
The Parkinson’s Fitness Project

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