PD Moves Free Dance Class

PD Moves Free Dance Class

Class has been canceled due to Covid 19.  Plans are to reschedule in the future.  Contact Susan Callison at scallison@apdaparkinson.org to be contacted for future classes.

A new 6 week session will be offered for free to anyone with Parkinson’s Disease and is fully sponsored in loving memory of Carolyn Shaffer through the Iowa Chapter of the APDA.

Class Details

We are dancing with excitement to offer you another class to ease the burden of Parkinson’s. This is a movement and music class, which targets not only physical but also cognitive components in the body.

We have partnered with Des Moines University and Des Moines Ballroom on this quest. Students will serve as partners and spotters, making it both safe and worry free if you have slight balance issues or think you need to bring a partner in order to dance.

The class will begin with warm-ups to music, both singing and then moving. Don’t worry if you are not a singer because just hearing the music helps the brain; however, singing has been proven to strengthen the voice in Parkinson’s. After that, you will move into learning (or refreshing) skills in fox trot, swing and waltz.