Father’s Day-Honoring “Dad”

My Dad Ben DeAngelis
As always and has been for the past 10 + years since our father has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s
is that he continues to be hopeful for a cure for others and not necessarily for himself.

Our father still has a great sense of humor, never has complained once about his condition, there
is no feeling sorry for himself and accepts his condition 100%.

He always put his family first.  Early on as our parents raised six boys, his resounding feeling
was “I’m not raising grass, I’m raising Boys”.  We always had the dirt spot in the back yard playing
wiffle ball.  His family and faith were the most important and still is today.

I can continue to write a “History Book” of BJ-Izums but I will stop and remember he is the most
loving father, husband and true role model for everyone who knows him!
Michael DeAngelis

My father Ben (BJ) DeAngelis is my Hero.  He has always been there for all 6 of his sons.  As well as all of his family and friends.  From traveling from one end of Connecticut, to Long Island and into New Jersey to watch and support us playing hockey.

He never complained once, even when he was pulled over only to tell the cop.  “I’m not drunk I’m just tired from driving all over the tri state area.

My father is a fighter who taught me that nothing is easy in life and nothing is free.  Work hard and you will be rewarded.  And this is the truth.  My employees (which is my extended family out here in the mountains of California) see how hard I work for my family so they work hard for me.  And we get things done.

Dad you are the greatest and I will always fight because I see how hard you fight to win this battle with Parkinson’s.

Paul DeAngelis

Hi, you want to know why my Dad is special?   That’s a funny question, so simple yet so complex.  This picture about sums it up, in one of the many ways that my Dad is so special.  You see, in this picture my Dad is sitting and relaxing in the sun.  The problem is, other than when he was watching the ballgame through his eye lids, my Dad never was sitting and relaxing.  but then again working several jobs, the annual major house renovation project, at the same time raising six boys, my Dad didn’t have much time to relax.  Why is my Dad so special??  Maybe it is great stories, and low key personality, or great quotes to live life by such as; “Many hands make lite work”, “you can’t beat a man at his own trade”, “let the tool do the work”, or my personal favorite, often heard after to many late nights during my college year, “you can’t light the candle at both ends”.  Maybe it’s the value of respect and taking personal responsibility for your actions, that he taught us, or many it’s the love of his family. God and country.  These are all great traits that I am proud of, and here’s a short story that exemplifies my Dad.

You see I love baseball.  Not very good at it, but I love baseball.  My favorite was, and still is, playing catch.  My Dad was a plumber, up at 5 and out the door early, and home late.  When I heard his truck pull in, me and my brothers would often bug him to play catch.  He never said no, he just said, ‘grab my glove, and I’ll change my shoes”.  Now as I said, I wasn’t very good, so my throws would keep my Dad, jumping, leaping, stretching etc., to catch my throws.  He never complained, just kept enduring my erratic throws until Mom called us in for dinner.  To this day, there is nothing I enjoy more than playing catch, and up until a couple years ago, would always make my three daughters play catch with me on Father’s Day.

My Dad has been suffering with Parkinson’s for 15+ years.  He’s not playing catch very often anymore, but we will always have the memories.  Happy Father’s day Dad, I hope this one the next throw is right back to you!!  Oh yeah, that ravaging beauty in the picture, with her mouth agape is my Mom.  Love you both.
Robert James DeAngelis OXOC

My Father Benjamin DeAngelis

A man of few words and many saying (watch out Yogi), such as “We walked to school in 6 feet of snow (up hill both ways), just to see if the flag was up”, “Just another- day”, and the one that’s the closest to my heart when talking to me about my dating life after dating my now wife Naomi for more than 15yrs, “you got to take a xvci or get off the toilet, but what ever you do don’t flush Naomi down, she’s a keeper!!!” (well he’s a plumber by trade).

Well, going on to my 23rd year of marriage, it shows you don’t have to be the loudest voice to know what you are talking about.  with a smaller family of 2 kids, a day doesn’t go by without knowing I cannot be the man, husband and father that he is to me, my mother and my 5 brothers, I surely will not give up; knowing that I have been taught by the BEST FATHER a son can ask for.

Dad as you kept moving forwards every day still showing your boys, daughter-in-laws, grandchildren and great grand child and extended family what life is all about “LOVE – FAMILY”, I will always remember “The Catch” in right field, after sticking my glove in the air, upon opening my eyes looking on the hill-side seeing a smile from your face quietly to your self “I KNEW THOMAS HAD IT ALL THE WAY!!!”

To the best DAD from miles away…..It’s NOT just another day, It’s FATHER’S DAY in honor to you “a BIG” huge and Kiss from all of us in Nagasaki oxoxoxoxox

My father, Benny DeAngelis, is a man of few words but many phrases of wisdom. He worked hard to provide for his
wife (Angela) of 61 years and their 6 boys.  He taught us not to complain and work harder to overcome
obstacles.  He attacked Parkinson’s with a positive attitude. He always showed an amazing work ethic in life and now
as he deals with Parkinson’s.  I, along with my five brothers, are so very proud to call him Father.
Love you Dad,
John DeAngelis