Patient Aid Scholarship

APDA Patient Aid Scholarship Program

Relief for People living with Parkinson’s in Connecticut

The APDA Connecticut Chapter offers a patient aid scholarship program designed to provide financial support to people with Parkinson’s disease (PD) and their families.  Approved applicants will be eligible to be granted a $300 one-time payment per calendar year (January-December).  Funds are limited and will be awarded on a first-come basis. This Patient Aid Scholarship Program is intended for individuals with PD in need of financial assistance for programs, services and/or activities, such as:

  • Exercise/Wellness: Supports costs associated with exercise/wellness programs and activities that focus on evidence-based treatment to improve and maintain the health for persons with PD.  This is for exercise-related activities and classes such as, but not limited to: boxing, dancing, yoga, tai-chi, physical therapy, occupational therapy, etc.
  • Medication: Defray expenses not covered by other programs or health insurance.
  • Respite/Adult Day Program:  Subsidizes the cost of respite/adult daycare for the person with Parkinson’s disease.  Respite/Adult Day Care enables care providers to take time away from their responsibilities to rejuvenate.
  • Assistance at Home: Covers expenses for home services, such as housework, light yard work, snow shoveling, and other tasks that a person with PD or a care provider is not able to complete.
  • Transportation: Covers costs associated with travel to and from doctor’s appointments, support groups, and other events for those who are no longer driving or for whom driving is significantly limited due to the effects of Parkinson’s disease.
  • Childcare Assistance:  Subsidizes the cost of childcare for people with Parkinson’s.
  • Adaptive Equipment:  Offsets costs associated with the purchase and/or installation of equipment or modifications needed in the home to aid in activities of daily living, such as, but not limited to: grab bars, handrails, widening doorways, bathroom accessibility, etc.

Please call 860-248-9200 or email to learn more about these grants.

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