Laughter Yoga and Music Therapy Virtual Programs

Laughter Yoga

Every Thursday at 10:00 am ET from September 17 through November 5, 2020

Laughter is good for you. It can relieve stress, release endorphins, and help you to relax. It may actually improve your immune system and relieve pain. A 2016 study on Laughter Yoga and Parkinson’s found statistically significant improvements in well-being for adults with PD and their care partners after attending a Laughter Yoga session. Anyone can do it. And there are no side effects! When you pretend laughter, you get the same benefits as actually laughing and before you know it, you are laughing naturally. Join Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and Trainer Rob Rivest on Zoom for an eight- week series of Laughter Yoga classes.



Music Therapy with Maggie

Every Monday at 1:00 pm ET from September 14 through November 2, 2020

Music Therapists are trained and board-certified professionals. Music therapy can help a person with Parkinson’s disease with their balance, communication, cognition, mental health and prevent social isolation. And it is fun! A typical class may start with a warm-up, try some percussion or sing familiar songs. Music Therapist Maggie Carchrie leads the group with a pleasant smile and an engaging personality.



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