2021 Midwest Parkinson Congress – April 8 & 9

Register now for the VIRTUAL Midwest Parkinson Congress presented by the APDA Greater St. Louis Chapter, APDA Midwest Chapter, and APDA Oklahoma Chapter. Participants will have the opportunity to hear from industry leading professionals discussing the latest in Parkinson’s research, depression, nutrition, caregiving, speech, financial planning, and patient empowerment. This year, The Elliot and Mary Ann Stein Keynote Address will be presented by Heather Kennedy. Heather is the founder of Kathleen Kiddo, an advocacy site offering PD resources and connections through social media. She is a motivational speaker, writer, blogger, visual artist, and mother of two. Diagnosed with PD in 2012, after many years of misdiagnosis, she works to raise awareness about the disease, and especially the challenges that living with Parkinson’s presents.